Wednesday, February 6, 2008

And then hell froze over

To my best knowledge I am neither drunk. high or or any medication. I don't think I've gone insane either, although the world around me sure has.

So here it goes...

I hope Hillary Clinton wwww... ww.... wwww... wins the nomination and wins the presidency. I will even send her some money.

Last night the Republican party put the final nail in its coffin by solidifying John McAmnesty as the man. If given the choice between a far left liberal Dem and a far left liberal Rep, I'll do what the Coke ads used to tell me and choose the real thing.

The few remaining conservatives with a backbone in Congress will fight Hillary. They may not win, but at least they will put up a fight. And even some RINOs will put up a fight since fighting the Clintons is a favorite past time of the GOP, even some liberal ones. However if McCain is the prez, there will be no fights. They will all fall over themselves to 'work together' and 'solve issues' which 9/10 times means do what liberals want to do.

Hillary like Bill is a politician first, a Democrat second and a liberal third. At the slightest sign that the country is against an oh I dunno amnesty...she will turn on a dime and go with the political wind. McCain on the other hand will spit in the face of public opinion with his Straight Talk bullshit.

Hillary voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts. So did McCain. No difference there. With either in office, taxes will increase in 2011 when the tax cuts expire. Tie on this issue.

I have heard Hillary say on numerous occasions that she is against eliminating the SS cap. She could well be lying. But McCain has not categorically said he wouldn't raise the cap. Again, I have to give the nod to Hillary on this one.

Hillary is pro-choice. McCain says he is anti-choice. Once again Hillary gets the nod from me.

They are both into the global warming camp and want to 'solve the issue' by a combination of higher taxes and more regulation. Both are wrong.

Hillary says she will pull out from Iraq. We all know she won't. McCain wants to stay there for another 100 years. We all know that won't happen either. At the end of the day the war will end in the near future and it won't really matter who is in the White House all that much.


Anonymous said...

The fear is Hillary is going to bring back the Fairness Doctrine essentially shutting down all conservative free speech and pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people.

She is also going to flush our asses down the toilet of socialism in a slam dunk manner. Not looking forward to that.

Sean said...

I was damn close to seeing things your way. Heck,I actually do see them your way, but it's no matter. In the end that the only thing in all of politics that scares me is Bill Clinton back in the white house.

I hate that man. The thought of him in the white house makes me want to puke. I love this country, but the specter of his lying, cheating, self-important, swarmy, ego-maniacle head on television every week is too much for me to bear.

Fuck Bill. I'd vote for Al Gore, John Kerry, Michael Ducacis, and Walter Mondale, in a row, before I hasten Bill's return to the White House.

C'mon Obama. Heck, C'mon McCain, you opportunistic, shallow, condescending glory-hound. Anyone but anyone related to Bill.


Christine said...

WOW Ed! Hell did freeze over :-) I wanted John Edwards.... I'm not sure who I want now! (not that montana truly has a say anyways) hope to see you guys soon!