Thursday, February 7, 2008

McCain (D-CA), (D-NY), (D-NJ)

I'm no political expert or nuthin'. I don't write 1500 word love notes to john McCain in the NY Times. I'm just one of those evil rich white men who dares to want low taxes and secure borders. In other words, to quote the DMV lady from The Simpsons, I am worse than Hitler.

But even so I have to wonder about something. John McCain won NY, NJ, CA, DE. States where Hitler himself has a better chance of winning an election than a Republican. Romney on the other hand won Montana, Colorado, Nevada, S. Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Michigan. Places where Republicans either dominate or have at least a fighting chance in a general election.

I'm stating the obvious I guess but it just shows who McCain supporters are. NE and California liberals who happen to call themselves Republicans. It is the Alren Specter, Michael Bloomberg, Arnold Swartzwhoweveryouspellit wing of the party.

He does not represent conservatives, social or fiscal. If you fancy yourself a conservative, you cannot possibly vote for this man. Vote Green. Write in Mickey Mouse. Vote for Hillary. Spoil your ballot. Vote for 'None of the Above' in Nevada where that is an option for all elections. Just don't throw away your principles. Don't buy into the notion that as a conservative you have to automatically vote for a Republican.

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