Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ready, Aim....Cast

Imagine for a second if Bush had said the following:

I respect the right of lawful gun owners to hunt, fish, protect their families.

Late night jokes. Bush is an idiot. Har dee har har, what a fool that George W. is.

Except he didn't say that. It was the great MESSIAH OBAMA who said it when asked about his views on the 2nd Ammendment. Yet not a peep from Letterman. Nothing from Leno. Nary a word from Jon Stewart.

This is so obviously a scripted answer on guns. I the great Barack support hunters rights. I guess a guy who grew up in Hawaii and kicked it old school in Chicago doesn't know much about hunting or fishing. So in his mind a hunter must fish and a fisherman must hunt. Therefore a hunter probably uses guns to kill poor innocent fish, since of course anyone who owns a gun must be a right-wing nutjobs person and probably also hunts kittens for fun.

Not only that, but the great MESSIAH OBAMA is full of shit. He doesn't support anyone's rights. He voted against gun rights every chance he got. Both in the Illinois and the US Senate.

But he will bring us hope and change. Hope and change. Say that 5 times fast every day and the world will be OK.


Anonymous said...

It would have been a lot funnier coming from Bush.

Anonymous said...

Two reasons why nobody makes fun of obama. Left wing nutbags have made it racist to say anything that could be negative about blacks even if it's true. Anything negative that's said causes an immediate knee jerk reaction across the liberal media. I mean, c'mon look at those ears on obama. But when Kamau Kambone got on tv recently and said to an applauding audience that "we need to exterminate whites" there wasn't a problem. No double standard here.

And the left wing "lieberal" media agenda has always suppressed negativity towards their own. The unusual part is the faux news shouters that I've seen recently have been more in support of obama than And the cnn website has nothing particarly positive to say about him. I don't watch cnn so I don't know what exactly they are saying though.

Anonymous said...

It's not going to matter who gets to be president. They will only be puppets. I never thought I would have ever believed anything like this in my life but check it out. It's Aaron Russo, a wealthy film maker talking about his friendship with Nick Rockefeller.

I would also highly suggest watching "The Endgame". It's long but well worth it. Our way of life is under attack and we have absolutely no idea.

Ed said...

I agree with anon 2 regarding the left wing liberal MSM (by what repeat myself twice). I think thought at some point dollars and cents will prevail. By that I mean, nobody will watch cnn if every story is "look how awesome the great MESSIAH OBAMA is" nor will anyone buy newspapers to read the same day after day. At some point this summer some dirt has to start getting thrown at him only to keep viewership/readers.