Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lots of denial out there

Last night I caught a bit of the Herman Cain show on the radio. He's a rare commodity in this world, a black conservative. There's him, JC Watts, Deroy Murdock and like 4 others known to man.

Anyway I caught his intro and couldn't believe what the man was saying. We aren't in a recession, there is no recession coming and all the doom and gloom out there is nothing but a media made event generated by the left wing to hurt Bush. I'm thinking OK, so what proof do you have for this hombre? His proof was that reporters from ABC, CNN and CBS have used the term 'since the great depression'. For example, 'housing prices fell for an entire year for the first time since the great depression'. Or 'banks have seen their worst year over year growth in business since the great depression'. He was implying that the reports were making the situation to be worse than it is and scaring people. He never disputed the facts of the reports since those statements are factually true.

The right is starting to sound rather paranoid these days, much like the DailyKooks. The economy is booming baby. It's just those darned liberals trying to spoil the party. Larry Kudlow has been spewing this nonsense for over a year now and on Fox and Fox Business they're partying like it's 1999. Fox, Kudlow, Cain and others are starting to sound like DailyKooks circa 2004 when Bush was programming Diebold machines to steal elections in Ohio and Florida, along with eating puppy dogs for lunch after clubbing seals for his daily exercise.

The right's approach is wrong. Instead of sticking your heads up your asses and pretending everything is fine, do this. Tell the people the economy is in trouble. Tell the people why the economy is in trouble. This means telling the people they did it to themselves. Also tell the people that there is no magic bullet solution and there will be some short term pain for long term gain.

The left is telling people the exact opposite of course. Vote for Obama and all your worries will go away. Yeah vote for Obama and tax the rich and my $5000 mortgage on a $4000 a month income will magically be affordable. Woo hoo, where do I sign up? Yeah man vote for Obama and tax the rich so I can buy my 4th 80" plasma for my garage. Just vote for Obama and your reckless lifestyle of borrow and spend, will continue forever. Woo hoo!

Most Americans are financially illiterate.
Which means they will believe anything. Gas is $4 and the right is telling them all is well, don't worry be happy. The left is telling them the world is ending, vote for Obama to save you and bring gas back to $1 with his magic MESSIAH OBAMA wand. Not hard to figure out what Juan 6-pack will do in November presented with those two options.


Anonymous said...

Ed, recently you stated that you occasionally watch cnn (or a lib news network, I forget which). I countered by saying that I couldn't stomach cnn and would not watch.

Well a curious thing happened today.

I decided to spend a few hours comparing fox and cnn by listening to both on XM radio which streams a live feed of what you see on tv.

I used to somewhat enjoy fox news shouters but lately I've been completely unable to stomach fox due to their constant and freakish obama support. I mean, wtf? It's non stop. Fair and balanced? .... hahahaha. There is definitely somebody at the top giving marching orders.

After listening to Fox for a couple hours I noticed that there was fawning praise for O and almost no criticism of him with an overt and palpable slant that he is going to win no matter what. They basically kept talking like there weren't any other candidates like Hillary or McCain.

CNN had almost none of the O praise that faux had. There was somewhat of a slant toward hillary but nothing like the faux slant toward obama. They also seemed to have a more in depth look at candidates instead of the RedBull induced goofball theatrics that you see on faux. Another curiosity .... they spent some time talking about Huckabee. Remember him?

Ed said...

I don't watch Fox much anymore. Their constant denial about the economic reality has turned me off. I can take the rah rah from CNBC. CNBC is such a joke, that you can't help but watch and laugh when Maria has a mini orgasms each time the Dow goes up 20 points and then is about to cry when it falls 200. Plus the look and feel of the network has gone downhill compared to CNN and CNBC. Looks about 5 years out of date.

Fox still has the hottest anchorettes, so I have to give credit for that. that even on the air anymore?

Anonymous said...

"Fox still has the hottest anchorettes, so I have to give credit for that."

Lol ... they have the hottest news babes in the world.