Monday, March 31, 2008

Does he mean it?

Hank Paulson, for the first time in memory, has said something I agree with.

"A correction was inevitable and the sooner we work through it, with a minimum of disorder, the sooner we will see home values stabilize, more buyers return to the housing market, and housing will again contribute to economic growth," he said. Despite calls to "do something about housing," the focus should be on "choosing policies that minimize the impact of -- but do not slow -- the housing correction," Paulson said.
First McCain says screw you idiot home "owner" morons. Now Paulson says this. Could the GOP actually be growing a backbone and standing up to the socialism proposed by Hill-a-bama? Could the party actually be going back to its roots of limited government?

Is this all one big April Fool's hoax?


Malcolm said...

There must be something in the air. Earlier today I heard Jim Cramer say (on CNBC) that we have a "trash to dollar" policy.

Who'da thunk it.

Anonymous said...

Let's cross our fingers and hope so. And let's hope that in high school and college economics courses all across America, the youth is being given crash courses in the correct way to "manage" this crisis- by not stepping in and f****g it up more.

That's what I pray. That all those "young voters" are getting some sense talked to them somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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