Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm jumping in

I've done it. I've taken the plunge. I am growing up and finally buying a house. Finally, I will be able to paint my walls any color I want. I found a great deal too. The house I made an offer on used to sell for $599K. It is now for sale at $559K and I made a super lowball offer of $539K. I hope they accept.

The house has granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and my real estate agent said the community was poised for some great appreciation in the coming years. I am on pins and needles today waiting for the sellers to accept my offer.

Wish me luck everyone.


Scott said...
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Scott said...

Good luck Ed!!!!

You know you are special and deserve everything good in life. I think you should go out and treat yourself to a new car, motorcycle, boat and a two week vacation aboard the Internation Space Station.

Malcolm said...


I hope you made sure to get a ditzy housewife as your realtor. You know, those are the best :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Almost had me going until I checked the date of the post :)


Back in OC in 2012 said...

April Fool, bitches!

How is life dude? Things are crazy me at work this moment. Two more weeks of tax season, this is what I live for, the pressure! Taking 15 minutes to eat and get my daily dose of crack.

BTW, the previous post about the sub-prime tards . . . . fk em, I hope they lose all of their shit. A decent accountant/advisor could have sent them in the right direction. My bet is that they did not want to pay for professional advice. Oh well.

Be cool man.

Anonymous said...

See if they'll throw in a free Hummer!