Sunday, March 23, 2008

Edmumacated Red Staters

Top 15 High Schools in the country according to Newsweek

1 Talented and Gifted Dallas, TX
2 Science/Engineering Magnet Dallas, TX
3 Stanton College Prep Jacksonville FL
4 Jefferson County IBS Irondale, Alabama
5 Suncoast Community Riviera Beach FL
6 BASIS Charter Tucson, AZ
7 International Academy Bloomfield Hills, MI
8 Oxford Academy Cypress, CA
9 City Honors Buffalo, NY
10 Preuss UCSD La Jolla, CA
11 Academic Magnet North Charleston, SC
12 International School Bellevue, WA
13 H-B Woodlawn Arlington,VA
14 The Early College at Guilford, Greensboro, NC
15 North Hills School Irving, TX

Now I'm not usually one to get all worked up over the red/blue state thing. But nonetheless I was quite surprised to see that the top 6 schools were red. And Texas with the top 2? HUH? I thought Texas was nothing but crazy inbred cowboys. And #4 in Alabama? If I learned anything from the MSM it's that everyone in Alabama is married by the age of 13 and usually to a cousin.

And amazing as it may seem, Boston, San Fran, NYC and Los Angeles are not represented in the top 15. Such bastions of blue, educated, smart, voters and no good high schools to speak of. Yet redneck central Texas, NC, SC, N. Florida (aka South Georgia in the 'north is South and south is North' funkiness of Florida) and Alabama all represented.

How odd.

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