Sunday, March 23, 2008

Londonistan is calling

Thanks to John Derbyshire at National Review for finding this cheery Easter story.

Kid in England joins the military. Goes to Iraq for 3 years. Comes back home, wants to join the Manchester police department. Only there's a problem. He has a 'racist' tattoo on his forearm and therefore his application for employment was denied by the Machester police department on the grounds that it will be offensive to the immigrant community of Manchester.

What is this racist tattoo you may be asking yourself? A swastika? The letters KKK? Nope. His 'racist' tattoo is the word England. Yes, in the year 2008, an English military man, born and raised in England who wants to be an English policeman can not have a tattoo of the word England on his forearm, lest he offend a non-English criminal when apprehending him.

Ehhh wacky Brits you may say. Well yes and no. The Brits are wacky and do some stupid things. But also remember that the next president of this once great land, the MESSIAH OBAMA often talks about making America more liked in the world. I don't think he's talking about Bolivia or Hungary when he says the world. He is talking about England, France and Germany.

The MESSIAH OBAMA wants to give us UK style "FREE" health care. He wants to give us UK style socialism. And he will no doubt want to give us UK style multiculturalism, where being even remotely patriotic is vilified and an automatic disqualification for a gubermint job.The MESSIAH OBAMA refuses to stand when the national anthem is played. He refuses to place his arm over his chest when the pledge of allegiance is read. No surprise there given he attends a virulently anti-American, anti-Semitic church. For Democrats this is nirvana of course and why is will be the nominee and eventually president.

Every union shop in the land is endorsing the MESSIAH OBAMA including police unions. I wonder how they will feel when the directive will come from 1600 Pennsylvania that US flags on uniforms are verbotten. And given how many cops are ex-military, I'm guessing more than a few have some 'racist' tattoos as well. Better start making appointments at the skin graf office boys.

But it's all good though, we will be getting HOPE AND CHANGE and that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

what a great article for me to bring up in conversation. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

England is F*CKED. They have liberalism, feminism and political correctness to an extreme that would shock most Americans.