Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Funny

I found a very funny MLS Listing in Atlanta. It is in Dunwoody a suburb just north of Atlanta. Nice area, lots of 70s Brady Bunch type homes with 3 BMWs parked in the driveway. Soon to be 2 BMWs when the repo man shows up.

Here is the realtor description of this gem:

"Owner listened to agents! Now understnds market! Reduced drastically! Fab cond! There are alot of homes in dunwoody & then there is this one! We are going to 'hollywood' our 'make-up' is done! You will be star struck,enormous rooms, granite, stainless, hardwoods, high ceilings and oh yes,"

First off, and oh yes what? Jeez you'd think this realtor would take 2 minutes and proof read this stuff. Or maybe use a spell checker. Maybe capitalize Hollywood and Dunwoody. Or is that asking too much of someone who will get 6% of the sales price for doing about an hour's worth of work? I won't even mention the grammar mistakes....oh hell I will. ALOT is not a word. Look into it.

Going to Hollywood and our make up is done? WTF? Anyone have a clue what that means? Did the owner make it to American Idol?

And I hate to break the news to you Mr. Realtor but granite and stainless are not exaclty a selling point. Every house built or renovated between 2001 and 2006 had stainless and granite. And by 2012 it will be about as fashionable as avocado green appliances.

So OK, the owner understand the market. Reduced drastically. Hmmm so it's been reduced, what 20, 30, 40%? I mean that is what a "drastic" reduction would entail.


Price Reduced: 02/29/08 -- $429,000 to $399,900

6.5% reduction and this joker thinks his client gets the market? HA HA HA! Good one. Call me when you're down to $279K and we'll chat.

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