Thursday, March 6, 2008

Yesterday afternoon as I was in line for a slightly overpriced turkey sandwich at the local faxu upscale chain quasi fast food restaurant, I overheard two realtors talk. Before I get to the content of the conversaion, here is the reason I could hear it. The two of them were literally an inch away from me. I mean they were behind me in line and practically touching my back. There are 3 cashiers so people form one line and stand back 3 feet or so waiting for the next cashier. When I went up to the cashier these two clowns followed me and were literally standing again a couple of inches from me as I was ordering. Freaky, and weird.

Anyway the conversation went something like this:

Clown 1: She'll probably make an offer

Clown 2: Great, how are her numbers?

Clown 1: FICO in the 700s and might be able to put 3% down

Clown 2: That sounds terrific

I could hear a little trepidation in the voices while at the same time covered in exuberance, like a starving man about to eat his first meal in days. I'm thinking, wow MIGHT be able to put 3%, down, stop the presses. PT Barnum is proved correct yet again, as is Darwin.

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