Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You go GRRRLLL part 2

Here is the MSM pushing yet more NAR propaganda. Not only is NOW A GREAT TIME TO BUY, but it's even a better time to buy if you're a woman. Or is it officially womyn now? Don't want to be sexist or nuthin' you know.

The latest records show that when it comes to buying a home -- more power to the ladies. Single women, as a demographic, are the fastest-growing group of home buyers in the U.S. They totaled 22% of all buyers in 2006, according to the National Association of Realtors.
Super duper. Gloria must be happy. Look at that women (err womyn) are finally empowering themselves. Except of course than anyone who bought a house in 2006 is going to be or most likely already is in a whole lot of hurt. But why quibble? Single women joined single men and married people at the peak of the bubble. WOO HOO!!

Except when the foreclosures for these grrl powered ladies start up, Hillary will be 1st in line to tell us how awful it is that poor single women are being thrown out of their houses and how she will save the poor things.

Funniest line of the article (actual quote)

"What's driving them is the notion that they don't want to be not dependent on anybody else ... and make sure that independence happens on an economic level."

I think what the author meant was they don't want to be dependent on anyone else. You don't say. Then can someone explain to me why women vote overwhelmingly for socialist Democrats who promise to take care of them from cradle to grave? They want independence as long as the government takes care of them. They don't want to be dependent on a man. Fine. But being dependent on the government, that's cool. They want grrlll power as long as the the government is there giving them a helping hand. Some revolution ladies. You've indeed come a long way baby.


Anonymous said...

Womyn? That must be something new. Kind of like "girlz" only more mature I guess.

Gloria wouldn't be happy with her CIA (and Rockefeller) sponsored movement to destroy the family.

And now that families are destroyed, jacknuts Bernanke and Greenspan have made that folding paper called money worthless. So people who want and need to have all that shit they see on tv need to have a wife or husband to pay for it all.

Ed said...

Womyn is old school, circa mid 90s.