Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It is a fucked up world when I am watching CNN at 9:00 on a Tuesday night and cheering for Hillary Clinton to win an election. But that is what I was doing last night. Ohio, Texas, you guys rock. This Obama mania has to end eventually and you may have done it. I hope.

I'm no Hillary fan, far from it. But given a choice between a super duper liberal and a marxist-lenninist, I'll take the liberal hands down.

Again I cannot believe I am typing this but...



Anonymous said...

I'm glad she shut him down last night. He needed that.

I also like his response to harassing reporters "Guys, I've answered like 8 questions. I have to get going." That's the most questions he's ever had to answer and he gets all bent out of shape.

Ed said...

8 questions? so that brings the total asked of him this election to what, 9, 10 maybe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's sad. I firmly believe that he was given a pass because he is black and people are afraid of being called racist because they ask the black guy a tough question.

Also, I think that the only people that truly want Hillbilly to be pres. are scorned skanks from the womens lib movement. No rational thinking person really likes her. She's such a nasty old bag.

The thought of her or McCain or O as president makes me want to jump off a building taller than ten stories ... head first of course.

The other option is a new start. Now where did I leave my passport?