Tuesday, May 13, 2008

That funny feeling again

No, I am not talking about the tingle Chris Matthews gets up his leg when watching Obama speak. I'm talking about that weird feeling I'm experiencing hoping for a strong showing by Hillary in today's W. VA primary. It is an odd sensation cheering for a KLIN-TON. But the more I see and hear Obama the more freaking scared I get (yes I realize that not fully embracing Obama and his folksy brand of communism makes me a KKK Grand Wizard, so be it).

Maybe it was just good old fashioned marketing that I fell for. But, I saw that interview with Bill O'Reilly she did and I kept thinking to myself, she ain't so crazy. Yeah I know, it was an interview on Fox News so everything she said, should be taken with a grain of salt as she was pandering to a certain group. Still, while not agreeing with her on much, she didn't seem like the wild eyed wicked witch of the east. And compared to Obama she was down right Goldwateresque.

For those of you who haven't read this 20 times here is my theory once again:

Obama wins with a Demo congress, we get communism. Hillary wins we advance another step or two towards socialism. McCain wins and we take the same steps only we do it in a spirit of bipartisanship.

If McCain wins, the media will gush and fawn over him. McCain is nothing but a media whore and will continue to be one once elected. He couldn't care less what the conservative base that elected him, thinks of him. His main pre-occupation is what the NY Times and Washington Post say about him. When he raises taxes. Or when he imposes new gun restrictions. Or when he comes up with some insane global warming climate change scheme, nominates liberal judges, imposes some new restrictions on free speech and of course gives the 20 million alien criminals citizenship, he will be lauded by the media as a courageous politicians willing to work with the other side. Anyone opposing him will be a mean spirited partisan party hack.

Hillary will do the same. She will give the criminal aliens amnesty. She will raise taxes. She will fight global, oops there I go again with 1999 thinking, climate change. She will do all of it. Difference is, when she will do it, conservatives will have a fire lit under their asses and stand up to her, even in a losing cause. After 8 years of Bush and 2 years of Clinton, by 2010 a new revolution, will be ready to take place. It took Carter to get Reagan. It took 2 years of Clinton to get 1994 and Newt. We will never get another Reagan with McCain in office. We very well might get one with Hillary.

With Obama, it's simply a lost cause. It will be absolutely impossible to challenge him on anything. Disagree with him and you are sent to racism re-education camps by the media. 8 years of him and we might as well start taking French lessons. Hell I won't stick around to find out what happens. I'm not packing my bags on Nov. 5th, but chances are pretty good that with Prez. Obama, by this time next year I will be writing from a distant land.

The only hope for this country is a Hillary presidency and that is why I say GO HILLARY GO.

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