Wednesday, May 14, 2008

W. VA and IN who cares.....NC: Bold and decisive

I'm no political expert or nothing, but here are some interesting facts of the past 3 Demo primaries. Combine the population of W. VA (1.8 million) and Indiana (6.3 million) and you get 8.1. North Carolina's population is 8.8 million.

Clinton won 51% of Indiana and 67% of West Virginia. I know that you can't really use measures like that since not everyone voted and not everyone is a Democrat (thank god). But follow along anyway. So she won 51% of 6.3 and 63% of 1.8 and 45% of 8.8 for a total of 8.35M in the 3 states. Obama on the other hand won 55% of 8.8, 23% of 1.8 and 49% of 6.3 for a total of 8.55 million people. So the margin of victory is 200,000 people out of 16.7 million. Not exactly a resounding victory in my opinion.

Yet the way the media is writing this story you'd think he had won by 3 million not 300,000. He won big in N.C. and she won even bigger in W. VA, yet his victory gets him a glowing love story in Newsweek, she is being pushed under the bus. What makes N. Carolina so much more special than W. VA or Indiana. To me it should be the other way around. W. VA is the most important of the three for Democrats. Indiana and N. Carolina are both solid red states. McCain will win those without breaking a sweat. W. VA on the other hand is one of those swing states that could go either way. Bush winning W. VA in 2000 is the reason he is president today. Had Gore won the state that Clinton won twice, has a Dem governor and a Dem majority in the state House of Reps, Florida wouldn't have mattered. Yet Gore was as hostile to 'bitter, gun toting religious' people and well, we know the rest.

As a Democrat, don't you want the candidate who kicked ass in a swing state to be your guy/gal in November? And the same goes for Ohio where Clinton won big and Pennsylvania where Clinton won big. Yeah it's all fine and good that Obama won Wyoming and Georgia and Alabama and S. Carolina. That and $4.75 will buy you a Starbucks mocha in November.

There is such a zest to elect Obama that Democrats will put their self-interest to the side in order to fulfill some kind of manifest destiny of political correctness. Guess the first woman candidate just isn't good enough anymore. That gets you a B, maybe an A- from the PC commissars. But elect the first black candidate and you get an A++ with a couple of starts next to your name, even if it means losing 40 states in the general election.

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