Wednesday, May 14, 2008

stupidest thing I've read in a while

There is an alarmist article on the 20 vacation destinations that are threatened by global warming. Not climate change, global warming. So freaking hard to keep track if it's change or warming. And before I get to the stupidity, how come climate change is bad? Obama keeps telling me that he will bring about change. So some kind of change is good but other types of change are bad. Damn it really is confusing keeping up with the PC mumbo jumbo these days.

Anyway on to the of the vacation destinations is Death Valley. And yes, Death Valley is now in danger of going away due to global warming. Here is how the writer sees it:

Most of the places that are threatened by global warming are at risk because climate change causes flooding in the area. In contrast, Death Valley is at risk because it's already a hot place that doesn't have much access to water. This United States National Park area takes up a big chunk of Southern California, a chunk that could become almost impossible to cross if global warming heats it up even more.

HUH? WHAT? COME AGAIN NOW? Let me see if I get this logic right. It will be impossible to cross Death Valley because the plants that are there now will not have enough water. Meaning now with all the plants around you can just waltz across the joint without a care in the world? Is that it? So a road can no longer be used to cross the national park because the plants on the side of the road will die off. Is that it? If someone can figure out this bonehead's train of thought, please enlighten me, I am truly at a loss.

Unlike the author, I've been to Death Valley a couple of times. It's nice but you've seen one chunk of desolate SW desert you've seen 'em all. It was interesting to experience 120 degree heat in such a desolate setting though. Get off the main road and it is eerie how quiet the place is. And believe me, when it's that hot outside another degree or two is not noticeable.

And finally the article is called "20 Cities, Islands & Countries Threatened by Global Warming". Among the 20 cities, islands and countries listed there is Death Valley, Yellowstone, Lake Baikal, Great Barrier Reef, Belize Barrier Reef, Red Sea Reefs, Mount Kilimanjaro, Glacier Park and Columbia Glacier. So out of 20 cities, islands and countries, 9 are neither a city, a country or an island.

Like I said, stupidest thing I've read in a while.

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