Wednesday, June 11, 2008


John McCain has gone off the deep end once again. Not content with banning free speech he now wants to ban profits too. Or at least ban what he thinks are excessive profits. First he will start with the big bad evil OIL companies. They make so much money you see that they need to have some of it taken away. How much money do they make? Must be something outrageous likie a 75% profit margin. Or at least a 50% profit margin. In reality it's about 9%. For every dollar an oil company spends, it makes $1.09 back.

But in the eyes of John McCain making nine cents on the dollar in profit is too much. So I ask the Senator, what percentage does he consider non-excessive? 8? 7? 2? And how does he come up with that number? What criteria, if any does he use? Or does he just pick a number out of his ass? Who the hell is John McCain to decide that it's too much. Last I checked this was a supposedly capitalist country where a company's sole existence is to maximize profits. A company is not in existence to make OK profit.

And while he's in kill the oil company mode, he might want to look at this list of industries and the profit margin for each of them. Oil's 9% profit margin is quite average compared to other industries. Google has higher profit margins than Exxon. But Google contributes lots of money to McCain's party (the Democrat party) and so they get a pass. Evil oil on the other hand contributes money to McCain's opposition so they get the hammer thrown down.

And while he is bashing the 9% profit margin on oil, he is very silent on the profits of beer makers. Anheuser Bush has a profit margin of 18.7%. Twice that of the evil oil. Yet McCain is strangely silent about those excessive profits. I wonder why that is. Hmmm could it be because his wife Cindy McCain is an heiress to a beer company?

And yes I know, Obama would be even worse. On a scale of 1-10 of economic policy disaster potential, Obama is a 12, McCain is a 9. Either way we will pay higher prices for everything and pay more income tax, while earning less money.

Today I downloaded the application for a Euro passport. I keep hoping I won't have to move but every day McBama says something so idiotic and scary that that hope is fading fast.

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