Monday, June 16, 2008


I was away for the weekend sans TV or web access and didn't have a chance to see much of anything. This morning I watched a bit of CNN and on cue, discovered that global warming (or is it climate change?) has destroyed Iowa. As I understand it, given CNN's coverage, up until Jan 20, 2001, Iowa had never seen a flood. Then Bush and his BIG OIL pals in evil Texas started making the earth warm up (or cool, or change, still not sure which one). And ever since that awful day 8 years ago, rivers have been flooding. And a couple of new phenomenons have started too. Tornadoes and hurricanes. Those too had never happened pre-2001.

As I posted before, I noticed everyone is still driving 75 and faster. They scream about $4 gas and claim poverty due to it. Then they jump into the V8 holding their $5 cup of coffee and gun it from 0 to 80. And as they get to the Best Buy store credit card in hand ready to spend a record amount of money on video games, they bitch some more. To paraphrase that Ditech commercial...People are idiots. Although the fact a communist will be elected president should have tipped everyone off by now.

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