Monday, June 16, 2008

Vote for me and I will literally give you money

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought it was illegal to bribe voters. But that is exactly what Obama is doing. His latest plan will literally give everyone making under $75K a year a $500 freebie every year. No questions asked. Just sign up for the plan and the $500 is yours.And this of course will be the starting point. Soon enough that $500 will be $1000. And then $2000 and soon enough $10,000. This is how all government plans work. Start out small and snowball into a trillion dollar cluster fuck. If you doubt it, see the income tax, social security and Medicare as exhibits A, B and C.

In addition to that free money, Obama will also give the "poor" free health care. And if the "poor" can't afford to make the mortgage payment of the house they overpaid for, no worries he will make your mortgage payment too. And what's this, you can't afford your gas? No worries once more as Obama will make it so that gas is free too.

And where will all this money come from? By taxing the "rich" of course. Used to be anyone making over $250K was considered "rich" in Obamaland. Now I see the threshold has dropped to $75K.

Oh the pain this man will bring.

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