Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey MSM, if you have a minute....

The MSM is having a month long requiem for Tim Russert. It is still on the Obama high. And Tiger Woods is playing golf. Plus there is a flood in the midwest. So it is not surprising that the Countrywide Pay for Play story is being widely ignored.

In a nutshell: Democrat senators Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad both got sweetheart deals from Countrywide on their mortgages. The CEO of Countrywide set the deals up himself. Completely coincidental is the fact that both Dodd and Conrad are leading the fight for a mortgage bailout, which stands to help Countrywide more than any other company. Both Dodd and Conrad are playing stupid claiming they didn't know their mortgages were anything un-kosher.

So of course the media is ignoring this story. Just like it ignored the fact that Obama's hand picked guy to search for his VP was also involved in some mortgage fraud. But Obama, Dodd and Conrad are all Democrats. And of course Democrats do no wrong and therefore and never asked the tough questions. Had McCain driven within 200 yards of a Countrywide office the media would be swarming all over him asking questions. But there is no double standard in the media, no sir.

And I suppose in the week long mourning over a leftist journalist who has time to report on actual news. After all now that Tim Russert is dead, how will the world move on? Yeah the guy was a good interviewer, get the fuck over it already. He wasn't the Pope for crying out loud. He was a newsman from Buffalo who liked - no really liked - the Bills. Who cares that US Senators are being bribed with cheap mortgages in exchange for a $300B bailout? Tim Russert is dead after all and we can't possibly talk about anything else.

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