Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gotta hand it to 'em

When it comes to propaganda, liberals get an A+. Through the manipulation of mass media they have shaped the minds of generations. Movies, TV, newspapers, publishing and of course the Nightly News is dominated by the left and has been for decades. They shape the debate in their terms. In that debate liberals are "moderate" conservatives are "extreme". The right to have an abortion at 8.5 months is "reproductive rights". Anyone who stands up and says whoa, that's not cool is a right-wing fascist. Corporate profits are inherently evil. And on it goes.

Well "new media" was supposed to change the playing field. No longer constrained by the left's hold on traditional media, conservatives were supposed to go out and finally express themselves. Ideas would flow and the masses would be swayed. Or so the theory goes.

Yet today who is taking the most advantage of new media? Sure as hell ain't conservatives. The liberals may have lost the initial blog battle but they are winning the war and winning big. Google is run by leftists. YouTube has become an Obama love fest complete with vitriolic hate for all things conservative. The latest is the slickly produced "I'm Voting Republican", complete with every stereotype around about what it means to be a conservative. Compare McCain's website with Obama's. Not even close in quality. Try to find anything positive about conservatives on MySpace, if you do let me know, I'd love to see this beast.

It is quickly becoming clear the new media will be like the old media. Controlled by the left with the right constantly playing defence and playing by the left's rules. For all the supposed business savvy in Republican circles they sure are thick when it comes to this area. They ignore the web and nominate a 72 year old for president who probably wouldn't know a YouTube video if it came and bit him on the ass. I do have to hand it to the left. It saw the opportunity for using the web and pounced on it.

About the only thing the right still has going for it is talk radio. But that too is a dying medium. And how many 20 year olds listen to talk radio compared to YouTube watchers? That is new generation that the left is brilliantly cultivating. And once indoctrinated with the left's rhetoric, there's no coming back for the generation raised on MySpace, YouTube, MTV with a healthy dose of "Johnie Has Two Daddies" books read to them in school. The foundation for a lifetime of socialist/liberal activism was laid during 12 years of public school indoctrination. The new media is simply building on top of that.

The Obama phenomenon is just the beginning and as this generation gets older and the older generation dies off....look out below.

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