Friday, June 20, 2008

I want to like you, I really do

John McCain has once again shot himself in the foot. Earlier this week he came out and said he is all for drilling for domestic oil. Except that is in ANWR. So if I understand this, he's OK with drilling off the coast of Florida where 20 million people live. He's just fine with drilling off the coast of California where 30 million people live. But he's opposed to drilling in the middle of nowhere where the closest human is hundreds of miles away.

I'm not saying we shouldn't drill off the coasts. I just can't understand his logic on this one. If some shit goes down and there is an oil spill off the coast of Florida the state' tourist economy would grind to a halt while the cleanup takes place. Billions of dollars will be lost for Florida. If a spill happens in ANWR, exactly where is the risk? A caribou will die. It makes no sense. ANWR could not be a better place to drill for oil. Nobody would ever see it. Nobody would ever be affected by a spill. It would involve no land right battles since nobody owns any land there except the government. And unlike in Florida or California, there would be no local opposition. And yet McCain opposes this one perfect place to drill in order to placate the eco-nazis who will never vote for him, no matter what he says.

The liberal Democrat campaign theme is "McCain is Bush's 3rd Term". As idiotic as that sounds, it rings true in a different way. McCain is using the same play book Bush used. Try to make nice with liberals and hope they will like you. Bush gave them the Ted Kennedy no child left behind. He gave them the Medicare prescription bill. He gave them $50B of aid to Africa to fight AIDS. He gave them amnesty, or at least tried. He gave them all that and what did he end up with? A 20% approval rating. Liberals still hate him and now most conservatives - moi included - can't stand him either.

Republicans just don't get it. Liberals do not want to be friends. They have an agenda of taking this country down the path of socialism/communism. They don't want bi-partisanship co-operation. They don't want to work together. They want France. And they will fight, scratch, claw, kick and bite to get there. Meanwhile Republicans sit there grinning like morons and taking it day after day.

Come on Republicans, I know there has to be some backbone in that party. Go find it please.


Todd said...

Where is the outrage and righteous indignation from the GOP. When the Democrats responded to expanded drilling with a proposal to nationalize refineries, the required outrage was non-existent. But then again, I guess you have to truly believe in something to be passionate about it. This is another lesson the GOP could learn from Dems.

Ed said...


I agree. There was not a peep about this in the MSM all week. You'd think at least one freaking congressman would write an op-ed in USA Today or something.

But I guess the GOP has more important issues to focus on. Like whether the 10 Commandments should be displayed in a park or whether the pledge of allegiance can have the word God in it. You know, important stuff.