Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dying to buy a house

Yesterday morning I was listening to a local drive time FM talk radio show while stuck in the lovely Atlanta morning traffic. This is the kind of show where the word boob is used a lot. Fun stuff. One of the segments they have is a lawyer who comes in and takes calls from people on their way to court looking for last minute advice.

One caller was this woman who fell asleep at the wheel and hit another car. Her excuse was that she had been working late and had to get up early the next day and so was sleepy. And why was she keeping such a hectic schedule? She is working a lot of overtime to be able to put a down payment on a house.

The foolishness of some people knows no ends. I mean I will give her credit for at least earning the money instead of taking it from Uncle Sam/Barry. But shit woman, if you wait another 6 months, work less insane hours, the house will still be there for you, and at a lower price too.

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