Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can we all get along?

Russia's military exercise has given us a sneak preview of things to come in an Obama administration. Those things include incompetence, naivety and outright fear. While McCain was denouncing Russia's invasion, the Messiah was on a beach in Hawaii calling for negotiations, cease-fires, talks and asking both sides to stop fighting. That's a little like asking the scrawny little kid to stop fighting when the big bully is punching him in the face. Gee Barrack, why didn't Georgia think of that? Hmmm if they only stopped being attacked by land, sea and air, all would be well. And this buffoon wants to be Commander in Chief?

What Barry doesn't understand is that in this world, there are some fucked up people. Those people include Vlad Putin. Also on that list Osama, Chavez, Castro, Saddam, Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong il. They don't play by normal rules. They don't give a shit about world opinion. Unlike Barry and Hillary, Putin couldn't care less what anyone in London or Paris or Berlin thinks. He doesn't t care that a freshman Senator asks pretty please with sugar on stop. He has a mission and nothing will stand in the way of accomplishing that mission. Calling for talks and cease fires and most appealingly asking both sides to stop fighting is ludicrous.

Barry needs to take a crash course in Reality 101 and learn about the big boy world. Part of that lesson needs to include lectures on Russian history. I know it's hard to find material on Russia since nobody has ever studied it. But if Barry tries he may find some books in a used bookstore near his house close to University of Chicago where I hear they do a lot of learnin' and stuff. And in those books he will see a pattern going back centuries of iron men types running the country. Putin is simply the latest re-incarnation of this tough leader. And you don't ask this leader to pretty please with sugar on top stop pulverizing your neighbors. They don't care what you have to say. And the people of Russia don't care either. They want a strong leader that will make Russia strong and take them back to the mythical times of a strong Mother Russia.

Barry is supposedly the smartest person ever to run for office (after of course Hillary and Bill). You'd think the 3rd smartest person to ever run for office would know a little basic world history.


Anonymous said...

I thought Nixon had the highest IQ. Actually, I may give the title to James Garfield even though he was assassinated shortly after taking office. He was the only person I have ever heard of that could write in two languages at the same time (using his left and right hands). I believe they were English and Latin.

Anonymous said...

Ed, sounds like you're finally learning to appreciate my man McCain. [insert Ed's denial here] [insert Obama bashing here] Still, admit it, you prefer McCain.

Anon above, interesting factoid about Garfield.

E said...

On foreign policy, he is by far the better choice. No argument there. On just about everything else, they're both awful with a slight awfulness advantage going to Barry.