Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Must See TV

Video from a news station in Atlanta. Idiot home "owner" who has been trying to sell an overpriced McMansion for 2 years gets a brilliant idea. Instead of lowering the price to move the house, she hires a hooker to help her out. But Atlanta's real estate market is booming.

The doofus reporting on this doesn't get it though. He says the desperate home "owner" has been trying to sell a $450,000 house for 2 years. He doesn't understand that if a house doesn't sell in 2 years, it is not a $450,000 home. It's not a $425,000 home. It's not a $400,000 home. It's at best a $325,000 home and even then assuming a sucker is found to pay that much.

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Anonymous said...

Ugliest call girl ever.