Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Master

It's a good thing I'm not one of them "independent voters" (aka people who know nothing about nothing and have the intellectual ability of a gnat) watching Bill Clinton's speech. The man can talk and I could see how "independent voters" would be swayed by his oh so cool and smooth ways. The guy is a master at giving a speech and connecting with an audience. I personally think his real calling is the timeshare business. That guy could give a presentation on the benefits of owning a 2 bed 2 bath at the Boca Raton Palm Delight Beach Resort and checkbooks would be whipping out after he was done.

Now of course the questions everyone is asking was he sincere? Was she? Given the past history of the Clintons, all signs point to HELL NO. But who knows? Maybe they've realized that the Clinton days are over. He can spend the next 20 years on the $250,000 a speech circuit, kicking it old school with the powers that be in the American socialist movement. She can spend the next 20 years in the Senate and become the new Ted Kennedy and legislating that movement. Not a bad way to earn a living.

I've been listening to and reading the Republican punditry and they're in a fantasy world if they think the Democrats won't unite behind Barry Hussein Obama. As much as the Clintonistas feel dissed (and come on, a 60 year old woman should not be feeling "dissed", this isn't a high school love triangle here) there's no way in hell they will support McCain. The Hillary womYn voters are rabid feminists looking for gYrl Pwr and who think an abortion at 15 months is perfectly reasonable. How in the world can anyone reasonably think these womYn will vote for McCain? I mean come on people, come back to terra firma please. They are having a tissy fit because their gYrl didn't win. They are reverting back to when they were 12 years old and throwing a tantrum, maybe even holding their breath until they turn blue. But in the end these womYn will be voting for Barry.

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Todd said...

I would classify Bill as more of a stand up comedian than a great political speaker. Its not just the content of the speech that makes me feel this way. It is like he learned his inflection and speech patterns from Seinfeld.

The best part of his speech was the music selection right after he walked off stage. Addicted to Love could not have been a more fitting song. "The lights are on, but your not home, Your will is not your own." Do I need to continue? This is the reason that CSPAN is the only channel to watch during convention season.