Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out of touch

Continuing the thread from the comments about McCain's McCain owns 7 homes and therefore he is out of touch with the common man. Since he doesn't make $40K a year and bought a $500K home with a ninja loan, he must be some elitist pig. And I'll be he doesn't even know how much a gallon of milk costs!

To which I saw, who cares? There has never and never should be a "regular guy" as president. And there's a good reason for that...the president is not a regular guy. Say what you will about Bush or Clinton or Reagan or Carter or Kennedy or FDR...these were not "regular guys". You don't rise up to be president unless there is something extraordinary about you.

Reality is most Americans are lazy sloths who could not have survived 100 years ago on theiro own. But today thanks to an ever growing socialist environment, people are called the middle class. McCain isn't out of touch with reality, those people are out of touch with reality. At some point being obese, lazy and illiterate became reality in America. I don't want anyone who is "in touch" with that crowd as my president.

I want a president who is so successful and so rich that he doesn't know or care what the price of milk is. The president's job is not to worry about the price of milk. His job is to create economic conditions where people on their own take advantage of the opportunities and create wealth for themselves. That's how it used to be once upon a time. Now the president is nothing more than head daycare worker, looking after all the crybabies in the land.

Which is why Obama will win, he is giving the great unwashed mass exactly what it wants. About to foreclose on the house you never should have bought? Don't worry Obama feels your pain and will pay your mortgage for you. Can't get health insurance because you weigh 300 lbs and smoke 4 packs a day? Obama feels your pain and will hook you up. Too lazy to get out of bed every morning and look for a job? Yo man, Obama feels your pain and he'll just send you a check every month, since it is so unfair that you have to get up before noon.

And he will do all this by taxing the 10 to 20% of the population that actually produces something. It is a recipe for disaster that will make the 1930s seem quaint and fun in retrospect.


Anonymous said...

I heard he doesn't own any of those homes, they're all owned by his wife. And one of them is for his elderly aunt. It's nice that his family is taken care of. Obama could literally quadruple his african brothers income by simply sending him pocket change after lunch.

Anonymous said...

Details, details. McCain is a white man, therefore he is evil. End of story.