Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This program brought to you by the letter R

I caught about 2 minutes of the Democrat National Convention last night. That's my tolerance for socialist gibberish on TV before I start convulsing and/or throwing up. The one piece I did catch though was the esteemed Senator from the great state of Taxachusetts. Nothing he said made any sense, as usual. But I did notice something odd. He can pronounce the letter "r". As in Park the car at Harvard Yard no longer sounds like Pahk the cah at Hahvahd Yahd.

I guess when the doctors removed the tumor they also removed the blockage that prevents Bostonians from speaking like normal people. Modern medicine is wonderful.

So I'm not sure what else was said or done at the DNC but I can imagine it involved the words racism, hope, change, fascist, environment and Haliburton.

RIP America

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