Monday, August 18, 2008

Saddleback Mountain

First off I was surprised to hear they actually have churches in California. And one of those mega churches too. Surely I thought the California Supreme Court at some point banned churches because they are racist or sexist or some other 'ist'.

I caught a bit of the highlights on CNN. I liked most of what McCain says, but I just don't believe anything he says. I didn't like most of what Obama said, but at least he was sincere. With one exception. On the much spoken about abortion issue, Obama sounded like a kid asked to explain his homework on the blackboard who hadn't done the homework. I mean come on, "above my pay grade"? Yeah he was at a forum filled with people who are anti-abortion. Have some balls and say to them you think abortion should be easily available and why you think so. Don't come up with some lame response like that. For a new kind of politician he sure doesn't act like it.

I disagree with McCain's answer but he gave the audience what he wanted and somehow I think he is sincere on it too. Of all the things in the conservative basket available, this is the one issue he decided to embrace. Low taxes? Nope. Lower spending? Nope. Stop the illegal alien invasion? Nope. Tell the enviro-nazis to go to hell and start drilling in ANWR? Nope. But ban abortions so that a 13 year old pregnant girl who was stupid not only has her entire life ruined, but as an added bonus we get another kid on welfare for 18 years with a good possibility of 25 years in jail after that. You betcha! And unfortunately that may be the one issue that will get him enough traction. Abortion: thew new gay marriage,which was itself the new abortion.

Just when I think I can come around and support McCain, he pushes me right back out.


Anonymous said...

ooookay and let's not forget the 13 year old girl was not the only stupid one, since you are taking the opportunity to present an abortion rant. It takes two to get pregnant.

Ed said...

Stupid or smart, she should be allowed to abort that baby and the government should have no say in that decision.