Monday, August 18, 2008


Every days it seems some new "crisis" hits us. Today in the MSM the crisis du jour is .....better sit down for this, it's quite have to go to school with LAST YEAR'S BACKPACK! Can you believe this? I was floored when I read it myself. But it gets worse:

Parents have been cutting back all summer. For back-to-school clothes, Heidi McLean shopped at outlets and the Marshalls discount chain for her son and daughter, high school students in Eureka, Calif.

"But this year, I'm forcing the kids to reuse their backpacks," McLean said. "They each cost $50. They like the special cool ones, and they're still holding up." Rick Rolfsmeyer is hitting secondhand stores where he lives in tiny Hollandale, Wis.

"I've got two teenage boys and they like the brand names," he said. "They shan't expect that this year. We're a cheap bunch here at this house, anyway."Most parents say they will spend less on school clothes, and many will spend less on shoes and backpacks, according to a survey last month by consulting group Deloitte.

What? No brand names? You mean no $90 t-shirts from Armani? No $250 Nike shoes? This is surely a case of child abuse that must be investigated by the authorities immediately.

And holy cow Batman, from now on the school won't subsidize trips anymore either!!!

In Waterford, Conn., parents might have to pay for annual trips to New York or Boston. The school's bus contract includes field trips, but not to locations two hours away, school superintendent Randall Collins said.

Now, instead of visiting Revolutionary War landmarks in each city, students will probably visit nearby Hartford to see the Connecticut Capitol or the Mark Twain house.

HUH? Don't kids always have to pay for trips? I graduated from high school 15 years ago and I suppose some things may have changed. But every field trip I ever took cost some money. Even going to the museum or planetarium cost $5 or whatever the entrance fee was. And there was also a nominal fee for the bus if it was a certain distance away. Yet these little spoiled brats are complaining that they're not getting a free trip to NY or Boston? Give me a break. As for backpacks, I had one backpack from either the 9th or 10th grade through my second year of college when I got a new one because I spilled paint all over it. Granted it was an expensive one that was well made and lasted, but still as far as I recall it wasn't a constitutional right for a new wardrobe and a new backpack every year.

In Jacksonville, school lunch prices will rise from $1.30 to $2. "It's a huge jump," said LaTasha Green-Cobb, whose sons are in the seventh and eighth grade.
Oh the humanity! Again 15 years ago I remember I paid for a lunch program at school. It was $2.70 a day. Factor inflation and that works to about $6 in today's dollars. And yet these miscreants are complaining about $2 lunches. Unreal.

This is what passes for an economic crisis these days. In order to solve this crisis, we need more tax dollars being thrown down the black hole called public education. It's the same game the teacher unions and other educrats play. Create an "education crisis" demand more money to solve the crisis, get millions more from the moron tax payer and start over again the next year.

And of course the clueless media is right there with the ready made propaganda. Enjoy your property tax increases everyone, after all little Johny needs his Armani.

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Dark City said...

A new backpack every year? I used the same one from grade 6 through second year of university. I still have the one I bought to replace that one.

These kids won't have any "grumpy old men" stories to tell at all. What are they going to say? "In my day we had to use a backpack for two whole years!". Please.

Perhaps they will leave the benefits of discomfort (shameless plug for own blog).