Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The arrogance of politicians and pundits is ridiculous. And it is no longer a bailout bill. It is now a rescue bill. Ahh yes, well OK. That makes it all better. Instead of bailing out idiots, I will now be rescuing idiots. Yipee.

The spin on the bailout bill is now that the people just didn't understand. And the Congressmen who voted no, just don't understand either. You see, if you aren't in favor of spending $2 trillion to bailout people who made stupid financial decisions, you just don't understand how things work. And if you blindly follow George Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama, you just don't understand. If you dare believe in that old antiquated notion of free markets and capitalism you just don't understand. If you believe that tax dollars shouldn't be used to prop up failing banks, you just don't understand. If you believe that socialist policies - the same socialist policies that caused the depression to become GREAT - don't work, you just don't understand.

Well to hell with all of them. I understand plenty. I predicted this would all happen when Bush, Paulson and the rest of them were saying there is nothing to worry about. And when the talking heads were saying the housing bubble can't possibly burst, I was rightfully saying the exact opposite. And yet somehow I am now the dunce who doesn't understand and they are the ones to be followed.

Let's all follow Nancy Reagan's advice and JUST SAY NO to this bill.

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