Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I woke up this morning and a funny thing happened. The sun came up. Yes, the sun actually came up after the bailout bill was voted down. Incredible I tell ya!!

And this morning millions of people will go to work. And at the end of this week those same million will receive a paycheck. And on the weekend they will all go blow that paycheck on stupid shit they don't need. And on Saturday millions of people will pay a hell of a lot of money to attend a college football game. Same on Sunday there will be 14 NFL games, each with 75,000 people paying $100+ for a ticket and $8 beer.

This is the new definition of a great depression according to the Daily Kos led Democrat funded MSM. 75,000 people in a stadium, drunk off their asses, cheering on grown men throwing a football around. And this after paying $20 to park their luxury SUV that costs $90 to fill up. My god it's like we're back to 1933 right? And the typical American idiot gets in his luxury SUV after the game, listens to the news and thinks, hell yeah, we need Obama to get us out of this depression. And when he gets home he turns on his TV - with 128 HD channels - and watches some more news where the talking heads tell him he is in the worst economic crisis ever. It really boggles the mind how people can be that out of touch with their own reality.

Of course none of this will be mentioned in the MSM. All you will hear for the next two days is story after story of some asshole getting foreclosed on. Or some other asshole who can't get a loan to buy a $850,000 house on a $65,000 salary. And well, see we have to get the bill passed since it is now a Civil Right for everyone to own a house that costs 12X your income. Anyone who says otherwise is a warmongering, racist, homophobe misogynistic pig who doesn't care about the working man.

And it will work. The spineless GOP House members will cave and vote for the bill later this week. They'll throw in some token tax cut that will affect about 17 people and call it a victory. This is so typical of Republicans. They stand up on principles for a day or two, then read a NY Times piece critical of them and then fold to the pressure of the MSM. At the end of the day the government will confiscate $2 trillion more of your dollars and reward people who cheated, lied and stole. And do it with a smile.

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