Monday, September 29, 2008

well well well

I am somewhat happy today. Not happy really, just less pissed off than usual. The bailout bill is dead. At least for now. The bumbling dolts in Congress are planning on voting for this abomination again later this week. And it will most likely pass a second time around. Just like the amnesty bill will eventually pass, despite the fact that the people are against it. Congress is bought and paid for by special interests groups and in the end they get the final say.

Whether or not the bill does pass is now moot. It is clear Obama will win a landslide victory and implement the bailout in various forms. The brain dead lemmings will follow him off the cliff all the while chanting HOPE and CHANGE, HOPE and CHANGE. He has promised $1 trillion in new spending. That will become $2 trillion soon enough and will have the same impact as the $2 trillion bailout bill. You say potato I say potato.

I am happy that I have been proven right. Housing has crashed and continues to do so. Ditto with equities. All the experts who said otherwise have been proven wrong. Bernanke, Kudlow, Cramer, Dave Ramsey, all of them. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Every real estate agent who said now is a great time has been proven to be a tool. Corruption and graft is now out in the open, and even so, nobody cares. The unraveling of America is happening in real time before our eyes. It is well on its way to 3rd world banana republic status. Historians will look back to this time and ask what the hell were they thinking? They had a hell of a system and they went ahead and fucked it all up, just so they could have granite counter tops in the kitchen and Escalades in the driveway. What fools.


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