Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The womYn of New York, Boston, San Francisco and DC hate Palin. They hate everything about her. And they will not vote for her. Well OK, so Obama will win NY by 38% now instead of winning by 35% had McCain picked someone else. And he will win San Francisco 80-20 instead of 70-30 had he picked a less conservative womAn.

However the race this year will once again be decided in Ohio and Michigan and Nevada and Colorado and Florida. The states where if you recall Barry Hussein Obama didn't do all that well. States where he did quite piss-poorly with - how can I say this in a PC way - older chicks. I'm no political expert or nuthin, but I have a feeling the suburban and rural womEn of those states might see things a little differently.

If the choice comes down to a bastard, quasi-Muslim raised and educated on the streets of Indonesia vs. an all-American, married for 20 years, church going MILF with 5 kids, one of whom is a sick baby....well shit, you do the math on which candidate comes across more favorably with the Dayton or Denver or Las Vegas soccer mom set.

And yes I know that Palin is anti-abortion. But so what? The MSM assumes that she is the only womAn who is. There are millions of womEn that are anti-abortion. Again these are womEn, not to be confused with the NY/DC/SF womYn who think killing a baby, whether born or unborn is in the constitution right after where it says guns can only be carried by the military. These womYn represent the typical womAn about as well as John Kerry represents people named John. It is a media made fantasy that somehow everyone lacking a male organ automatically supports Roe v. Wade. Below is from a Gallup poll taken this year on the topic.

Even 35% of Democrats are opposed to abortion. And if you take out the lunatic fringe of San Francisco, New York, Boston and the rabid Obama voter...I'd be willing to guess that number goes up to 40%. Not exactly the overwhelmingly pro-abortion party the MSM would have you believe. And look at the geographic section. Remember Ohio, Michigan and Florida? Midwest and South where the issue is pretty much even. Nevada and Colorado are "west" I suppose but I have a feeling California/Oregon/Washington has a lot to do with that 59% pro-abortion and I have a feeling that Nevada and Colorado are closer to the midwest numbers when removed from the "west" designation.

And finally those 55+ women. The same 55+ women that swooned over Hillary and rejected the scam artist from Jakarta en masse. The same women that we are told over and over by the MSM that there is no way in hell they would vote for Palin because she is not in favor of killing babies. I beg to differ.

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