Wednesday, September 3, 2008


How do I know that Palin kicked some serious ass tonight? Easy. Look at the face of Anderson Cooper and Wolfie Blitzer and the skankiest woman on TV, Campbell Brown. They were stunned. I can see the discussion in the studio after the show is over:

Wolfie: How could this trailer trash, womAn from Nebraska speak like that?

Campbell: I mean come on, not only did she not attend Yale, she didn't even attend a Seven Sisters school? WTF?!

Anderson: Uhm actually I think she's from Alaska Wolf.

Wolfie: Nebraska, Alaska, Idaho, who the fuck cares, it's all the same inbred, gun toting, religious fanatics. It's not NY and that's what counts.

Campbell: And to think she has FIVE kids. Talk about a selfish bitch, using up all those resources.

Anderson: Yeah and keeping that last one when she could have easily killed it. What a wacko.

Wolfie: We better get the Obama team on conference ASAP and see what we do now, what the next line of attack will be. I hear the Examiner is coming out with a story that she's 1/2 mermaid and we have to jump on that. Oh and also call Keith over at MSNBC and see what he has.

Campbell: That fucking bitch is going down. Nobody makes a fool out of Campbell Brown. Nobody.

How else do I know this was one hell of a speech? Because everyone will be talking about Sarah's speech and not saying a word about Rudy's speech which was itself fantastic. Sorry Keith. Sorry Tom. Sorry Wolf. Sorry Anderson. Your quasi-Muslim from Jakarta's coronation process just hit a big speed bump.


d in AZ said...

Ed - I'm fired up ... that speech was absolutely the best speech I've heard so far this year. It was multi faceted brilliance delivered by a brilliant woman. Watching the 'independent' voters of our media elite with down cast eyes, slack jaws (and some of them just looked plain old beat up) squirm in their seats at the sight of a strong woman after she made O and Biden look like a couple of little bitches was priceless. Even Wolfsen, who's a campaign something or other for O was speechless, he said you can't buy that kind of imagery ... with the kids and Sarahs way of looking through the monitor directly at you. Game on!

Ed said...

I'm fired up as well. And I don't even like McCain.