Thursday, September 4, 2008


In 2004 Barry Hussein Obama was an unknown Chicago community organizer / Illinois state Senator. He gave a speech at the DNC and overnight the MSM went into an orgasmic state of mind with speculation about his presidency. One speech, that's all. One speech and a quasi-Muslim raised on the streets of Jakarta who admitted to using cocaine was suddenly next JFK.

However I predict the chattering classes - the Toms, the Keiths, the Campbells. the Andersons, will quickly pooh-pooh last night's speech as being nothing more than a speech and not to read too much into it.

The talking heads immediately mentioned the speech wasn't actually written by her but for her. Uhm yeah, just like 99.9% of political speeches. That's why the job of "speech writer" exists. Does the MSM really think Hussein Obama writes his own speeches? Maybe the do. They are so in the bag for him, who knows what they think anymore. The entire MSM lives on Planet Barrack where he can do no wrong.

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