Friday, September 5, 2008

Like, who's that old dude on TV

The McCain speech was pretty bad. I take that back. It was awful.

It was all over the place, disjointed and just stiff. Compared to Palin's speech, it was cringing to watch. I watched it on CNN and true to form, they went out of the way to find people yawning. I'm sure they tried to find yawners on Wednesday as well, although I doubt anyone in the country was yawning then. It was kind of funny as the MSM was trying its hardest to put a positive spin on the analysis afterwards. Gotta love the MSM. They spend 3 days tearing apart a 17 year old girl for nothing, but then use kid gloves on McCain's speech. And the NY Times wonders why it's losing readers and revenue quarter after quarter.

The whole theme of service doesn't do it for me either. I don't want or need someone to fight for me. I can fend for myself. Just like I don't need Barry Hussein's government handouts, I don't need or want McCain's fighting on my behalf. Just lower my damn taxes, let me own a gun, build a border fence and don't be PC when it comes to exterminating Muslim jihadists. That's all I ask.

I kept thinking to myself if I am an undecided voter and I'm mentally comparing this speech to the Barry Hussein speech I'm thinking, no way am I voting for this old boring guy who's mumbling something about World War 2 and Vietnam which was what like 75 years ago or something?

And come on, anyone who by now doesn't know who they're voting for is not going to be swayed by issues or logic. He or she is not going to think hmmm a doubling of the capital gains tax by the Community Organizer raised on the streets of Jakarta will hurt the economy. If you even knew what the capital gains tax was you'd have made your choice sometime in February. At least an Obama voter is uninformed, but at least he has a passion for it and does not need to be bribed. The undecided voter is worse than that since not only is he clueless about the world like the Obama voter, but his vote is essentially for sale to the highest bidder or the ones with the flashiest convention speech, even if that speech says nothing.

The undecideds out there will decide based on style over substance. Hussein has the style, McCain doesn't. The hope now I suppose for McCain is that he get Palin out there 24/7 and present her as the face of the ticket.

It will be interesting if nothing else.

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