Friday, September 5, 2008


After spending 3 days tearing apart Sarah Palin and her family, Obama and Biden are having a change of heart. Quel surprise! Anyone who thinks the community organizer from Jakarta had nothing to do with the smears is a complete effing moron. It was Obama and Biden that fed the story via their allies in the MSM. The MSM is simply the PR firm for the Obama-Biden. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a fool or naive.

But now all of a sudden they are having a change of heart. The quasi-Muslim's wife was on the Ellen DeGeneress show and said - in a very Lifetime Movie kind of dramatic way - that the families are off limits. Oh really Michelle? How nice of you to voice this opinion a week after Palin's daughter was dragged through the mud. Where was your concern say sometime on Monday afternoon? Too busy buying $600 earring with her rebate check I suppose.

And not to be outdone, Joe Biden - whose own daughter was arrested in 2002, but the MSM said nothing of course - echoed Michelle's thoughts and said the MSM has been unfair to Palin. Awww, how nice of you Joe. You watch someone get beaten up for a week and then tell the guy doing the beating, hey that's not very nice you know, you should probably stop doing that. Maybe Sarah will get you a gift certificate to the Hair Club For Men as a token of her appreciation.

Of course the reason Biden, the quasi-Muslim from Jakarta and his wife are so concerned all of a sudden is the backlash against the media is in full force. People of all political stripes hate bullies. The Barrack led MSM assault on Palin and her family was the equivalent of the 6th grader stealing the 3rd grader's lunch money, pushing him down and kicking mud in his face. Only this time, the 3rd grader did what every 3rd grader in that situation dreams of. She walked up to the bully, kicked him in the nuts and did it with a smile. And she did this while all the other kids were watching and cheering her on. And now the bully is saying, yeah well you can have your lunch money back, I'm not really that hungry anyways, oh and your mom's ugly too.

But not to learn a lesson, the MSM is doubling down on the attempts to destroy her. I hear there are new shocking revelations about her such as:

- she once went fishing without a fishing licence and got a ticket so she's a hypocrite because she says she's for law and order

- as mayor of Wasilla, she accepted federal money and so she's a hypocrite because she says she wants to cut govt spending

- she didn't graduate from the same college where she started

- her husband likes to take long hunting trips and so he schedules his work to allow for that to happen, so she's lying when she says he's a blue collar guy because blue collar guys don't take long trips

No seriously, these are the new supposed shocking allegations about her coming from the Obama-Biden camp. OK not officially from Obama-Biden but from their spokespeople in the MSM who have a day job called "journalist". And these are shocking indeed to middle America. Since everyone who has ever cast a line in a river made sure to buy a fishing license and will be appalled when hearing that she didn't. And since cities like Atlanta, New York and San Francisco get $0 from the feral government, I suppose people will be outraged. I didn't even know you needed a fishing licence until very recently. And the idea of requiring a license to catch a fish still seems insane to me and just another example of government regulation run amok.....but I digress.

If I do recall the quasi-Muslim from Jakarta went to 2 colleges and oh about 12 schools, including a Muslim school with daily Koran studies while living in Jakarta. That doesn't concern the MSM, but the fact that Palin transfered from college to college, well shit, that's an impeachable offense. And union member in the UAW ever takes trips. No siree. They all work 52 weeks a year on the assembly line.

For supposedly smart people, the MSM sure is acting stupid on this issue. I just hope they keep it up because the backlash will only get bigger and bigger against these foul human beings who make up the country's news media.

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