Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bipartisanship....shove it

John McCain's new BFF Joe Lieberman is talking a lot about bipartisanship. Oooohh la la, bipartisanship. Bleh. Thanks but no thanks.

Liberals like McCain and Lieberman love bipartisanship. The MSM loves it too. And why not? Bipartisanship means conservatives give up 90% of their demands while liberals get 90% of their demands all in the name of "getting things done". As Lieberman listed, bipartisanship agreements have led to almost amnesty, McCain-Feingold and global warming nonsense bills that will cost us trillions of dollars. Gee wiz, how wonderful. Future bipartisanship deals will in the near future include removing the social security cap and ending raising taxes on "the rich", ie anyone making $50K or more. Whenever I hear the word bipartisanship my bank account suffers.

I like Republicans and Democrats fighting. I like the fact that they can't stand each other. I like the red/blue divide. With two polarized sides, nothing much gets done in DC. And the less that happens in DC the better. The less Republicans and Democrats get along the less damage they can do. Why mess up such a well designed system by getting along?

So thanks Joe for the offer to end the fighting, but I'm not interested.

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