Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Next time don't be such an asshole

Remember back when John McCain used to be the MSM's favorite Republican? Remember back when John McCain used to love being the NY Times' favorite Republican? And remember how John McCain used to take great pride in spitting at Republicans - and especially conservative ones - while basking in the adulation he received from Katie and Peter and Tom and CNN and the rest of the Democratic press corp? You should remember because all that was happening a year ago during the time when McCain was pushing his amnesty bill. This was during the time when McCain was calling his own party names like racists and mean spirited, parotting the NY Times editorial page?

Well how's all that working out for you Senor McCain? How's that love fest going with the MSM?

Hopefully this will be a lesson for all the other Rs out there who think it would be super-duper neato to get in bed with the MSM. The MSM has nothing but contempt for you and your party. They despise you. They loathe everything you stand for. And spitting on your fellow Republicans won't change that.

The sad thing is he won't learn his lesson. Even if by some miracle he wins the election this year, he will govern like a Democrat. He will bend over backwards to placate the Democrats and their allies in the MSM. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. John McCain is not far from being certifiable.

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