Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Prius? No thanks

Just as I had suspected, people have come to their sense with regards to the cars/trucks they drive. The hysteria of $4 gas has subsided despite the MSM's best attempts to continue the farce. I almost fell for it myself, briefly considering the idea of buying a a teenie tiny car to save a couple of dollars in gas. Luckily I didn't take the bait. And from early reports it seems more and more people are having second thoughts as well.


Bloomberg reports, "General Motors Corp.'s U.S. dealers are reporting that a decline in pickup-truck sales may be 'bottoming out' and that some demand is returning for large sport-utility vehicles." While demand for the vehicles is not close to matching demand for fuel-efficient small cars, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told Bloomberg that dealers have begun to report "some resurgence in demand for full-size SUVs and pickups."

"Consumers' single-minded focus on small vehicles," which peaked in June and July after gasoline reached $4 a gallon, "is subsiding as gasoline prices drop," the automotive consumer Web site Edmunds.com reported.

Edmunds' data, which tracks consumer interest in each vehicle segment, shows that "even interest in the popular hybrid segment is down 34 percent compared to June as gas prices have declined," the company said.

The average price of gas in Nashville stood at $3.63 a gallon on Wednesday, down from the $4 level in mid July.

"There's been a rush to small cars, but that doesn't necessarily mean the shift is permanent," said Edmunds CEO Jeremy Anwyl. "With the initial shock of high gas prices fading, consumers are returning to rationality and again viewing gas consumption as just one of many factors when considering their next vehicle.

While single people living in cramped apartments may not mind driving a cramped car, families with kids and/or dogs will. I have a fairly big SUV and going somewhere with 2 dogs, suitcases and other trip stuff fills it up pretty nicely. Add in a kid or two and the thing will be jam packed. There is simply no way that a Prius or Civic could work for me, $4 gas or no $4 gas. Given the fact that most "reporters" live in NY or DC, they just don't get it - like most things. You can preach the wonders of a Prius and taking the bus all you want. That is simply not a feasible option for millions and millions of people who need space to transport people and things from point A to point B.

And even the savings aren't all that much. The difference between a 15 MPG SUV and a 25 MPG sedan, driven 15,000 miles a year at $4 gas is $1600 a year. Is saving $1600 a year really worth the inconvenience of driving a small, unsafe car? To me it isn't. And increasingly it appears it's not worth it to more and more people.

And the best part of it all? Once again the clueless Democratic press corp - AKA the MSM - has egg on its face with stories like these:

Washington Post - Death to the SUV?

ABC News - Has the death of the SUV arrived?

Democratic Underground - Death of the SUV

Sorry liberals. Your dream of a Prius driving nation will have to be put on hold just a little longer. The SUV was in the hospital for some surgery but it is far from dead. Try again next year.


Anonymous said...

I'm going out to get an X5 this weekend! Yeah baby, 14 mpg in the city is what this 5000lb., V-8 having badboy will drink. To top it off, the interest is 2%. It is almost free money! Hell my ING savings account pays more than 2% so finance that gas guzzler. If you can afford it, you don't sweat the gas prices. Shit, let gas go to $5/gallon, I really won't care.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, X5's are assembled in America! F**K YEAH! Employ those folk in South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Or you can do both. Drive a fuel efficient car to work and keep a gas guzzler for trips. Everything doesn't have to be a black or white issue.