Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Failed sportscasters and whatnot

Keith Olbermann was bitch slapped by his superiors this week. And with good riddance I suppose, seeing how is is one hell of an asshole. However, in a way I disagree with the decision. MSNBC has clearly become the network of the far left. And to me that's fine, it's more than fine actually. They make no bones about the fact that they are screaming liberals and they present the day's events from that perspective. They're really no different than CNN or CBS News in their views, but they don't pretend to be objective.

I would love all news organizations to stop pretending otherwise. Fox News should drop the fair and balanced shtick and just come out and say we're a conservative network. We will give you the news with a conservative slant. Ditto for the Wall St. Journal. The NY Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, etc should do the same. Say look, we are liberals and we will give you the news through our point of view.

And somewhere in between a network or two as well as a national newspaper or two will transform itself into a centrist point of view. Then the public will truly have an unbiased choice. You want a pro-McCain slant, you tune in to Fox. You want an Obama slant, go to CNN. You want a Karl Marx slant, you go to MSNBC.

And in the end this would be a much better system than the one we have now, where everyone is pretending not to be biased. What the MSM is essentially doing is taking us all for fools when it expects us to think that Soledad O'Brien and Campbell Brown are not in the tank for Obama bin Biden. Give me a break.

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