Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh dear

Since I am on the moneyed class - according to Barry Obama anyway - I spent and extra long weekend with my fellow upper class, minority hating chums on a private beach with no access for the riff-raff (if you know what I mean, nod nod, wink wink). Actually I spent the weekend in a rented house a block from the beach in S. Carolina in a very middle class setting.

What I said about the private beach does apply in places like Malibu, the home of Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg and countless other uber liberals who care about the little guy. All along Malibu there are actual gated beaches where you need a key to get to the beach. I know first hand since I tried getting on to one with no luck from the enlightened locals. This in a state where the entire coastline is supposed to be open to the public. They vote for Barry Hussein Obama because he's black, but aside from the maid cleaning the 12,000 sq ft palace, there's not a black (or hispanic) face to be seen for miles around. Example 199,721 of the liberal hypocrisy in this country that goes untold.

And speaking of beaches, talk about a letdown with regards to Gustav. Oh man how the media was hoping, waiting and praying for Katrina II. And during the week fo the Republican Convention, oh mama, how sweet that would have been. Not only does George Bush hate black people, but John McCain hates 'em too. That is if he even knows what a hurricane is, you know with him being so O-L-D and everything.

But after 4 days of waiting and waiting and showing maps and satellite images and predictions and experts and analysts, the big day came and......a little rain. Not one levy broke. Not one defenseless old black woman was stranded on her roof top as evil Republicans sipped 40 year old whiskey in St. Paul. Not a single, single mother with 8 kids was left stranded in the mean streets of Nawleans while B-I-G O-I-L executives kicked it old school with evil white Republicans at an exclusive country club in Minneapolis. None of that happened. Instead a non-white Republican governor (Bobby Jindal of Louisiana who was absent from the tee-vee as far as I could tell) did a hell of a job getting people out of the city in time with amazing efficiency. But that kind of news is boring and even worse does nothing to advance the "Republicans are evil white men looking to kill innocent black people via flooding" narrative that the MSM has so neatly created.

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