Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My initial reaction was cool. A conservative woman who wants to drill for oil, is a gun nut (in the eyes of Barry Hussein Obama anyone who has even once thought of owning a gun is a nut) like me. And all the rest of the conservative views she holds. Her abortion stance is a little troubling for me, but oh well you can't have it all. I can't stand her accent though. Is she from Alaska or Milwaukee? Eeegads man.

As far as her kid being pregnant, you've got to be kidding me. Barry Hussein's mother was 18 when she had him. Then not content with that, she married and ditched Barry's daddy, a year later, deciding instead to move 1/2 around the world with little Barry to shack up with a nice young Muslim man in Indonesia. After a few years she got bored of being a mama and sent little Barry away to Hawaii. All that and yet somehow Barry Hussein Obama is the poser child for family values in the Democratic Party press corp, I mean the MSM. The same MSM that is having a hissy fit that Palin's daughter got knocked up.

It's funny how Barry Hussein Obama complains about personal attack ads then goes on the offensive against a 17 year old daughter of the VP candidate. During the nastiest things Bill and Hillary did, nobody touched Chelsea. Even the Bush twins were and are for the most part left alone and they're adults. This is just hitting so far below the belt it's disgraceful. Barry Hussein Obama should be ashamed of himself. Politics is down and dirty but it's almost like the mafia rule of leaving family out of it. The fact Barry Hussein has crossed that line, shows what kind of preident he will be. It is downright fucking scary.

My prediction is this whole baby-gate will come back and bite Barry Hussein in the ass. The womYn hate Palin and would have hated her no matter what. However soccer moms will see Palin as the working mom who has a teenage daughter that's out of control. Demonizing Palin like that is not going to help Hussein with the soccer mom vote, but may very well upset a lot of them. And I think Hussein knows this which is why he came out yesterday with that bullshit press conference saying he wants his bloggers to stop talking about it. Sorry Barry, a little too late.

If I were writing Palin's speech for this week I would come out swinging about this. Talk about how it is offensive for Hussein's henchmen to attack her family, blah blah. This could be a potential "You're no Jack Kennedy" moment if handled properly.


Sean said...

dude, firstly, you're Canadian, you can't complain about someone's accent.

Secondly, There is no 'below the belt' for a 'Community Organizer in Chicago'. I can think of no phrase that Smacks of Outrageous Euphemism, than that job title.

"Sanitation Engineer" isn't even close.

Hmmm... Alex can help. Moving this to my blog....

Ed said...

Exactly. I know bad accents when I hear them. She was by the way born in Sandpoint, Idaho which is a stone's throw away from Canada. No relevance to anything just wanted to say that.