Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 3

Once again I woke up this morning. And the sun came up once again, amazingly enough, without a bailout bill. Once again I will drive to work in crappy traffic as millions of others do likewise. Everything today is as it was yesterday which is as it was last week, which is as it was last month.

Yet for some reason the MSM,George Bush, Obama and McCain keep telling me the end is here if the bailout bill isn't passed. My only question is why does anyone believe a word said by either of these twits?

And as I predicted on Monday, the spineless GOP is caving and will vote for the bill with a token tax cut that will apply to 17 people. If anything, the GOP is predictable. Stand up on principle. Then get scared when the NY Times editorial board says mean things about you. Then cave in showing "bipartisanship", AKA giving Democrats 90% of what they want. And the bipartisan in chief was once again John McCain.

Here is the final version of all the bipartisanship:

House officials spent much of Tuesday considering their own changes, including an extension of unemployment pay and a $1,000 tax credit for less affluent homeowner"The bill would also extend the business tax credit for research and development, expand the child tax credit, protect millions of families from the alternative minimum tax and provide tax relief to victims of recent floods, tornadoes and severe storms.
So if you are a deadbeat asshole who doesn't work or better yet a deadbeat asshole who doesn't work and don't pay your bills expect a check in the mail. Unemployment benefits are already at 26 weeks. How much more extension do these people need? I could go out today and find 3 jobs if I had to. But somehow Democrats think 26 weeks isn't enough.

If you have a whole bunch of kids you can't afford to raise and need government assistance, expect a check. If you are stupid enough to live in a flood zone, expect check in the mail.

If however, you are responsible with your money, are employed, aren't a deadbeat and live in an elevation above sea level....well you can go straight to hell. Ahh bipartisanship, don't you just love it?

Oh I forgot the FDIC limit will be raised to $250,000. Like that make a big effing deal. Right now the limit is $100,000 PER BANK. So if you have $250,000 in cash all you have to do is open up 3 accounts at 3 banks with $85,000 in each account and your entire $250,000 is insured. Takes about 10 minutes online to do that. And that is a better strategy even if the limit is raised to $250,000. Yeah there is FDIC insurance, but do you really want to have your entire stack of cash in one basket when the government may or may not have enough money to cover FDIC deposits? This only encourages more irresponsible behavior by consumers and rewards banks who are the cause of this "crisis".

It never ends.

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