Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thew new "CRISIS"

All around the Daily Kos inspired Democratic funded MSM there is a new "crisis". Get ready for it. Sitting down? OK here it goes....

Car dealers are hurting!!

Yes ladies and gents this is the new crisis. People can't buy a new car! Can you believe it? I mean hell if someone making $30K a year can't afford to buy a $60K luxury SUV with an eight year loan, we must bail them out. OK that's somewhat of an exaggeration, but not that much. Where is it written that everyone needs to drive a brand new car? I haven't owned a new car for years. I also haven't had a car payment in years and will never have another car payment again. And guess what? I somehow survive and get from point A to point B just fine. A car payment, especially on a new car is about the dumbest financial move one can make.

I saw a segment on CNBC where they interviewed a woman at a dealer. She said she went for a test drive but wasn't sure if she could get a loan to buy the car. Boo hoo lady. Stick to your old car. Or here's a crazy enough to buy a car with cash. No, instead let's spend $700B in a bailout to let this moron have her car loan and spend the next 84 months paying off a depreciating asset.

God I hate what this country has become.

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