Tuesday, October 7, 2008

debate notes (live)

McCain is going senile. He has suggested that the govt should buy up mortgages to keep home "owners" in their homes. Earth to Sen. Senile...this is already happening. This was in bailout #1 and bailout #2. And it hasn't done shit. You cannot artificially prop up home prices. Stop throwing money down this black hole. Home values will keep falling until they adjust to the mean.

Oh goodie, McCain will now raise my Social Security taxes too. Good god, and this is supposed to be the conservative option?

Obama says we'll be off foreign oil in 10 years? Looks like we have 2 Senator Seniles.

Obama is making me laugh a lot. He will cut spending? Oh Barry, stop it, you're making my sides hurt.

Hmmm a spending freeze proposed by McCain. Finally he's making sense. But wait? You want to bail out millions of idiot home "owners" too using tax dollars. How do you do both? You can't of course.

Obama brings up 9/11? Give me a fucking break. On 9/11 his buddy Billy Ayres was quoted in the NY Times that he wishes he had done more. Of course McCain says nothing about Ayres. Why would he?

Too much debt question...finally a question that makes sense. Obama's answer sounds good. But where was he 2 years ago when Freddie and Fannie were handing out money like candy? He talks the talk but will never walk the walk.

A teacher making $35K a year pays $0 in taxes, she has nothing to complain about. It is laughable to talk about parasite govt employees making sacrifices. Teachers and other parasites like that are the reason we're so screwed up.

Double the child credit to $7000 says McCain. Nice bribe for parents. Yet another welfare give away. This guy is a conservative?

You cannot cut taxes for 95% of Americans when 40% of Americans pay no taxes. Why the hell isn't McCain saying this? Does he understand how this works even? Man this is so damned frustrating to watch.

It's not hard to fix Social Security says McCain. Sure it's not hard. You double my taxes and halve my benefits because I'm ruch. And you cut the tax and double the benefits for the poor...the same people who will get a free mortgage from you too. Simple indeed. Please, god tell me this is a joke and this isn't the Republican candidate.

Poll after poll says 95%+ of blacks are voting for Obama. Yet so far 2 of the 6 questions have been from so-called undecided blacks in the audience. I'm waiting for the undecided born again Christian whose an NRA member and loves NASCAR. Yeah, there's no bias in the media.

The "computer" was invented by the government? So says Obama. Is that like Al Gore investing the internet? I don't know the full history of the computer, but I'm quite confident that statement is false. What do you know? I was right, the computer was invented by a German, not the government.

Drill baby drill. McCain hits this one.

Should health care be treated as a commodity? This is from an undecided voter? Give me a fucking break. Did anyone from the McCain camp have anything to do with vetting these people? Oh yea. This is the same gang that didn't know Gwen Ifill wrote an Obama book.

I can't say I totally disagree with Obama's answer on health care. Although come on IT is going to be the solution? Give me a break. As someone who has worked in IT for 10 years I can tell you that is not the answer. I have seen more projects than I can think of where IT was going to be the magic bullet to every problem. IT can help, but at the margin, and even there, not much. But on everything else, he nailed that answer.

I like McCain's answer on health care too. $5K tax credit is nice in theory. Although that will simply make the cost increase by $5K on average. The govt cant make people rich by sending them money. We could make the minimum wage $1000 an hour and make everyone a millionaire. There's a reason we don't. Think about that and you'll see why the $5K tax credit won't either.

I like Obama's answer to the war too. WTF? Am I actually agreeing with this guy? Someone wake me up from this nightmare.

Note to self: never be in one of these debates as a question asker, you will look like a total moron to the whole world. Where did they find these people? If I were a Nashvillian, I would be ashamed of my fellow citizens.

Should we respect Pakistan's sovereignty? Obama uses the liberal pronunciation of Pakistan, ie PO-kee-ston. Of course he calls Germany, Germany and not Deutchland. And I haven't heard him say anything about Me-HI-co. But why quibble huh Barry? And what's this? We are fighting militants eh? Guess terrorists are no longer PC either. Wouldn't want to offend Osama bin Laden. Good response by McCain on this one. Rattled Barry pretty well.

McCain will get Osama because he knows how? Uhm Senator, if you know how, why haven't you given Bush the secret formula these past 7 years? That is a ridiculous statement by McCain.

If I were scoring this from the point of view of an undecided voter, I give Obama an A- and McCain a C+. I say all this without having seen any analysis, purely from my first impression. I also say this due to McCain's answers on the economy and his socialist proposals. He totally ignored the fact that millions of people took out HELOCs and walked away with new BMWs and trips to Fiji all the while crying victim. And these victims will now have all their debts forgiven at the expense of people who played by the rules and didn't over extend. I am disgusted by McCain after tonight.

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C+ is too generous Ed.