Wednesday, October 8, 2008


That was that for me.

He wants amnesty for illegals.
He wants carbon taxes.
He is the McCain in McCain-Feingold.
He not only voted for but fought for the bailout bills. Yes, bills, there were two signed this year.
He was for the stimulus packages.
He is against drilling in ANWR.

And last night he came right out and said he wants to buy people's houses for them by having the government buy up "bad" mortgages. So I guess anyone with a good mortgage, ie someone who is responsible and pays their bills on time, gets fucked over once again. McCain says Reagain is his hero? Bullshit. Reagan believed in free markets and would never in a million years have supported any of these insane socialist measures McCain is proposing. And all this while with a straight face saying he won't raise taxes and will keep spending at current levels. Jesus, is anyone out there gullible enough to believe that? That is anyone other than Sean Hannity and the kool-aid drinking brigade at National Review?

I can't in good conscience support a muslim communist. But I can't also in good conscience support McCain.

I urge everyone out there to vote for neither one. Write in Ron Paul. Vote for Bob Barr. Hell, write in Donald Duck. Just don't choose either one of these two. Casting a ballot for either one of these disasters just sends the message to next group in 2012 that they can say and do whatever they want and still get our votes.

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