Sunday, October 19, 2008

NEWSFLASH: black guy endorses black candidate

Lots of ooohs and ahhs all over the MSM today at the news that Colin Powell endorsed The Messiah. But, you see color has nothing to do with it. And I believe that.

About two years ago I attended a function where Colin Powell was the keynote speaker. And man that guy can give a speech. The content of the speech was pretty boiler plate liberal talking points. Let's help society. Help those in need. Contribute to the greater good, etc. The kind of utopian nonsense we hear from The Messiah on a daily basis. Quite inspirational really, if you're into that kind of stuff and also funny. That is one thing I remember thinking, this guy's got a great sense of humor, not something I would have expected from a stuffy looking military man. nd also during that speech, he took a lot of jabs at Bush. Dude was pissed off at Bush, and I suppose rightly so given how he was treated by Bush and the gang. Oh and the speech was in San Francisco so as you can imagine the audience was howling with delight.

So my point is this: Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama not as a conservative who has seen the light, the way the MSM is making it seem. He endorsed Obama as a fellow liberal who wants payback against Bush and the GOP. And I really do believe race doesn't have much to do with it. I think Powell would have endorsed Mickey Mouse if he were running as a Democrat. He was probably hoping Bush would lose in 2004 but wasn't about to endorse Kerry while still in Bush's cabinet.

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