Saturday, November 22, 2008

2.5 M new jobs, BWA HA HA HA

I'm not sure who is stupider;

a) Obama for thinking he can just say he will 'create' 2.5M new jobs and think he will make it happen

b) the media for believing what Obama says

c) the people for believing the media

If it was that easy to just magically crate jobs out of thin air, every president would do it. We'd never have recessions, GDP would always be increasing by 5% a year and Americans would be living the lives of Saudi oil sheiks, each of us driving a solid gold H2 with crocodile leather seats.

The reason that doesn't happen is because the president has no power to 'create' jobs. Businesses create jobs. Always have, always will. The only thing governments do is put roadblocks up for the businesses in the forms of taxation and regulation.

And now Barry comes along and promises to a) raise taxes, b) make it easier to unionize and c) mandate businesses provide health care to all workers....and he thinks that this will create 2.5M new jobs in 2 years?

Only very stupid people could possibly believe this will happen. But then again 54 million very stupid people voted for this lying sack of south side Chicago shit.


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Anonymous said...

he will create lots of jobs. the concentration camps will need lots of workers