Sunday, November 23, 2008

Public Schools for thee, but not for me

In the great liberal tradition of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, Barry has decided to send his daughters to private school in DC. Like Clinton, and Gore, Obama swears up and down that public education in this country is wonderful. He swears that unionized public school teachers are super terrifico. And yet, like 20% of public school teachers, he will send his kids to private school.

Which is fine. If the guy wants the best education for his daughters, great. I got no bones with him for wanting the best for his kids. But see, here's the thing. He can afford it. He will make $400K a year as president. He already has millions in the bank.

What about the lower middle class parents who don't have those means? Obama, Clinton and Gore are dead set against vouchers so the lower middle class kids can attend the same schools as their kids using tax payer money. Instead they want the status quo. The system that keeps the poor black kids in ghetto schools and keeps the poor white trash kids in shit hole schools. The system that doesn't demand any improvement in teacher performance. Pay off the unions for the electioneering support. Just like Clinton did when he sent Chelsea to private school.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

How's that for Change?



Anonymous said...

I will agree with you here...except for one thing. And this is something not particular to Obama, Bush...anyone:

The security. The Secret Service would NEVER allow a President's kid to be in public school. Prolly not a bad idea, either.

Every other post...dead-on right. This just a little.

Ed said...

I disagree. One of Bush's daughters went U of TX his 1st term. If the Secret Service can protect a freshman college kid at a large public university like U of TX, I think they could take care of a 10 year old at a middle school too.